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The Clone Binance script is a white-label exchange software that includes all unique Binance trading tools and capabilities. You can easily create and deploy a digital currency exchange platform with rich features with the help of a Binance clone. In RADINDEV Binance Clone Script is fully developed, tested, and approved by design experts.

We offer at RADINDEV a binance clone script with a white label, which uses the most up-to-date technical tools and technologies. Our Binance Clone has been created specifically for business owners of digital currencies who want to launch a magnificent Crypto trading platform similar to Binance. Our Binance clone script allows customization, so you can change any feature you want or add anything else in accordance with your business goals. Our binance website clone script has a super user interface and API.



White Label Binance Clone Script is a ready-made software that allows you to launch your digital currency exchange. This software is applicable and enables you to customize the trading platform and design according to your business needs and ethical principles. Has a number of special commercial features as well as security benefits that give your users an exciting experience when trading and trading on your platform. It is recommended that you set up your digital currency business in a white-label exchange like Binance and not from the beginning, as it offers several advantages and features.

With our perfectly functional Binance platform with our white label, you can launch your digital currency trading platform like Binance in a week!

Feature Featured Binance Clone Script in RADINDEV​

Match engine​

Our Binance Clone Script has a high-performance matching engine that is enabled so your users can make transactions faster and more efficiently. It also offers scalable solutions for users

Point trade​

Buyers and sellers can use this feature to secure instant digital currency transactions by placing buy/sell orders that match the fast lightning matching engine.

Margin trading​

Trading Margin allows your users to trade encrypted assets without risk by taking a loan from the manager. Therefore, using investment, your users can increase their profit.

Future business​

Futures trading that allows your users to purchase and sell assets at a fixed price and at a certain time on a specific date or without an expiration date is the main feature of our Binance Clone script.

P2P Business​

To provide the best trading experience, we have activated the p2p digital currency trading in our script. By choosing your preferred buying/selling ads or publishing your buying/selling ads depending on your preferences, your users can perform secure digital currency transactions.


By eliminating the requirement of users to browse the order book, our Binance clone script allows digital currency trading for your users. Users can trade digital currencies with their preferred payment methods.

BINANCE CLONE Script Security Properties​

2-factor authentication in RADINDEV​

In order to conduct business activities without worrying about threats, we designed our Binance clone script with other rich security features such as two-stage authentication.

KYC/AML Approval​

Our Binance clone scripts have successfully included this option to prevent theft and tax evasion. It serves as a crucial requirement to prevent money laundering and other related practices.

Prison access​

This security feature protects digital currency exchange companies. Its ability to block unwanted access while someone tries to get into the platform is a notable feature.

Multisignature Wallet​

Our Binance clone script defines the multi-token wallet as the main role factor, which requires two or more private keys to have a secure entry and financial transactions.

ANTI-DDOS prevention​

The most essential component of a trading platform is anti-DDoS protection which we have successfully added to protect against possible damage and security concerns.

Data encryption​

This option emphasizes the highest level of security by limiting access to the exchange platform for allowed people and encrypting all of the data.

Binance clone app development​

Binance has a dedicated mobile trading app for all users of digital currencies. If you start your own digital currency exchange company, creating a rich currency exchange software for features such as binns will be useful for your business. If you are a new company developer of digital currency exchange and want to be different from others, it is not enough to create a website. Hence, we offer the best service to create the Binance Clone app with first-class results.

You can use our service to launch a high-quality Binance Clone program with attractive user experience. Our Binance clone app creation service combines all the latest features with advanced security technologies to encrypt and secure your application.

What is the benefit of the Binance clone script in RADINDEV?​

Reduces Time​

The Binance Ready Clone saves time from starting to create a digital currency exchange.


Compared to the cost of construction from scratch, anyone can buy a Binance clone script with full customization in a short time.

Completely adjustable​

Since the platform can be completely customized, users can make it more special to meet their demands.

Faster trading​

Our high TPS ratio of Binance has made it popular. Due to this feature, larger transactions can now be completed in one second.

Packaged Features​

Our rich trading platform modeled from Binance provides different trading options for experienced, moderate and even new traders.

List multiple coins​

Depending on the demand of your business, you can list more than 500 digital currencies, tokens and stable coins with white label Binance.

How to create a crypto exchange like Binance?​


After you compile your criteria, we will create a strategy to implement your ideas correctly. that provides the best solution to suit your business needs.

Technical phase​

Once developed, it increases power by implementing technical workflows that include payment options, deposits, wallet mergers, security measures and more.

Startup and Support​

We can establish and activate the official exchange platform after testing. We can improve or save the platform by getting the input and adding new features.

Collect Requirements​

We will review and collect your business needs, including the kind of deal, the desired audience, and whether you intend to run it for a long time.

Design & Development​

Once developed, it increases power by implementing technical workflows that include payment options, deposits, wallet mergers, security measures and more.


After developing, the platform is tested to improve security, wallet and API, performance and business engines to produce a unerror-free exchange platform.

How is RADINDEV unique from others?​

If you are looking for a skilled development team to create a cryptographic trading platform, RADINDEV must be an exceptional option and even help you after delivery of the product. By gaining the highest ROI, professional trained service and high quality products will increase your business income.

With the scalable and reliable Binance Clone Script, our Blockchain Engineers team will help you shape your business. They have more than 13 years mixed expertise in the blockchain industry.

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