New to NFT-ART many doubts ..


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HI everyone .. ( seems I will be the first ?) :D ..
so Im an artist and I want to try to make some art-nft's I watched some (many) vids.. set up a wallet ,choosing crypto. etc..
but Is till have a few doubts ..
1 I need to pay for the gas fees in Opensea.(obviously) so.. when doing it and converting it to an nft is it better to upload more than one ? I mean every time you upload an art the gas fees will decrease (not to zero obviously ) ?
is there any tips /advice for a beginner ?
2 is OpenSea the right place ? should I upload to others ? like Rarible, Binance-nft, etc? is there something I missed ?

3- about art .. I don't know how to say it .. but .. at starts .. it's better to not overprice or put your art to high $ .. right ? but I mean if usually I sell my art in commissioned work for around 100-300 u$d (base) should I place it equally ? or .. how to say it .. is it better to put a low price /the minimum ? is there a minimum regarding gas fees and being a beginner ? I mean IM not doing doodles I can but IM not saying any negatives about doodles but just. that if I paint something and it takes me 3 days .. its not the same as doing an easy illustration in 1 hour.

4 when uploading your art to Opensea.. in the setup .. there's an option that you can activate and set up a small percentage of revenue when other persons will eventually sell your art to others .. is there any common criteria ? like 0.005 is the minimum / and 0.025% max is 0.010- 0.005 the common ground ?
last one ..
promotion : is promotion still important ? where to promote as an artist without being annoying ? twitter , discord?
any tips advices to a beginner. would be highly appreciated . feel free to add your thoughts Im probably missed many important topics .